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Please put your flavour in the Note or leave it BLANK for RANDOM

-Alddin ( New) ( Blueberry Raspberry Grape ice)

-Peter Pan ( NEW) ( Password melon )

-Bondi Beach (Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry

-Tasmania ( Blueberry Raspberry Peach ice)

-Blue mountain (Rasberry watermenlon apple)

-Lush ice ( NEW)

-Passionfruit grape ice (NEW)

-strawberry kiwi

-Strawberry watermelon

-havana ( strawberry kiwi guava)

-Strawberry cream ( NEW)

-Rainbow Candy( NEW)

-Masif Saturday ( Cola Ice) ( NEW)

-Melbourne Bounce ( Watermelon Peach ice )

-Cherry Ice. ( NEW)

-Wao Super Club ( Mixed fruits Ice) ( New)

-Mint Ice ( new)

-Grape Ice

- Double apple

- Summer Hit

-Blueberry Raspberry

-Kiwi Ice

-Pineapple Ice

-Blueberry ice

-Mixed berry

-Mango Ice

-Banana ice

-Watermelon bubblegum

    100PCS XPOD 3800 PUFFS

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